Raphi’s Story

So, there is something I haven’t told you guys about Raphi’s story. I don’t know why I never mentioned it at the time. I suppose I was dealing with a lot personally and when this came, I wasn’t in a place I wanted to share. I  shall start the story at the start. In theContinue reading “Raphi’s Story”

Kilguilkey International

My first international in 3 years and I go during a COVID pandemic!! Was it worth it YES! Will I do another one this year no… but that is for many reasons. To start with the support, I received around Kilguilkey international was unbelievable! It was the first time I experienced the insane support fromContinue reading “Kilguilkey International”

Eventing as an Amateur

To start this, I recently saw a tweet from Roe McDermott explaining where the word amateur originates from. The word amateur comes from the Latin ‘Amare’ which means to love. So, in the case of an amateur it means we do something simply for the love of it and it’s true. There is no otherContinue reading “Eventing as an Amateur”

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